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Availabile Cats/ Kittens

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Available Kittens: Welcome

Retired Adults

Available Kittens: Bengals

We have Retired bengals and toygers available.

This is a 10 month old female kitten we have available. She is super sweet loving and playful 😻

10 month old bengal
Available Kittens: Text

Nico is a beautiful 1 year old Toyger male. He is extreme sweet loving and playful male. He is altered gets along great with other cats and is very social. He is looking for his forever family.

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Available Kittens: Bengals
Coming Soon.
Available Kittens: Kittens


Available Kittens: Toygers

Video of female 1 & female 2.

Available Kittens: Kittens
Available Kittens: Kittens

Female 1 She is so playful and super sweet. She is a classic toyger. She is ready for her forever home.

Female 2. She is a total cuddle bug she will sleep in your arms. She is a very sweet beautiful girl.

Male 1Is super sweet loving and playful. He will make an amazing pet.

Video of male kitten

Available Kittens: Kittens


Available Kittens: Outcross
Black White Minimalist Coming Soon Poster

Currently waiting for a litter of outcross kittens. if you like to be added to the waitlist please message us.

Available Kittens: Kittens

If you have any questions about one of our babies please reach out to us we will answer all of your questions. To be placed on our waitlist a (Non Refundable) deposit is required. If you are looking for an older kitten/puppy or an adult we have some available please message us for more information. 

Available Kittens: Quote
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