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We Ship Safely

Any part of the USA. We have done international shipping. Just requires some extra steps.

We ship safely: Our Services

Pet Nanny.

We have an amazing pet nanny that flights stand by. They are an amazing team. We entrust them with our babies to delivered promptly. They will deliver the kitten to your closest airport. Be sure to bring a carrier to the airport to put your kitten into. The fur baby will travel in cabin and will be with pet nanny 100% of the time. We do not ship via cargo. 

If you like to pick up your kitten personally so you can meet us that is totally fine. It would be Ontario airport or LAX. 

The average cost for the pet nanny service is $500-$550. We currently only do air travel as it is the fastest and less stressful. 

We will help get you your fur baby.

Baby Traveling to her new home
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