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Gobi Kitten Photo

We began showing Bengals in 2018 and Toygers in 2019. We have had a lot of success in showing our babies from champions to regional winners. We are very proud of our cats. Our biggest accomplishment took place this passed season in 2022. We have our first International Winner in our home. Our amazing boy CasaCruz Gobi. He had a phenomenal season finishing in the top 25 cats in the world. It was a long and hard season but something we knew he would accomplish. He also finished best Toyger Cat and Kitten in the world. His accomplishments bring much recognition to our Cattery and program as we work with the toyger community to improve our breed with each litter that is born. We traveled all over the US and even Canada to show him and learned so much and meet many amazing breeders along the way. This season was a dream for us and due to that we couldn’t be more proud of our boy. We will continue to do cat shows but not every weekend. If you like to meet us or Gobi at a cat show please follow us on our social media to see where we will be next.

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Gobi The Toyger

We have been featured on this TV show that is on NAT GEO WILD. Going around the country attending Cat shows with Gobi. Join us on this exciting adventure. Available to stream on Hulu, Prime Video and many more.

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Gobi Adult photo
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Cat Shows: Image
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