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Casa Cruz Pet Contract

Breed:_________________    Gender: ____    Color:__________________  Total:_______

Food: Nulo & Raw        Conditions: Pet only     Need or requirements. Revolution(flea prevention) 

The purchaser agree to the following:

1.Before signing, the purchaser has reviewed, asked any questions, and understood this


2. This is a legally binding contract. Legal jurisdiction required to uphold this

contract will take place in California US. If any single item on the contract is considered null and void, it shall not affect the remaining terms and conditions of the contract.

3. At no point in time may the cat be sold, leased, given away or surrendered to a shelter, rescue or person. If you are unable to keep the cat, you must contact Rosemary of CasaCruz who will assist you in rehoming the cat.

4. If at any point microchip info must be updated, the purchaser must update this with CasaCruz. Microchip is not permitted to be replaced or removed.

5. This cat may never be de-vocalized, declawed, permitted to free roam outdoors. If it is discovered this has been done, it will be immediately surrendered back to CasaCruz.

6. It is HIGHLY recommended to continue feeding a balanced raw food diet as it will help prevent many diet related health issues that include but are not limited to, renal failure, urinary blockages and dental issues.

7. Purchaser agrees to send regular photo/video updates for the first 2 years (minimum) which will be used for but not limited to website, social media and promotional media by CasaCruz.

Healthy Guarantee:

8. This kitten/cat has been examined by a licensed veterinarian and has been found of

sound health. Purchaser is required to have their veterinarian to examine this kitten/ cat within 72 hours of arrival. If a licensed veterinarian finds the kitten/cat not to be of sound health, the breeder must be notified immediately. Please note that this guarantee does not cover viral/bacterial issues.

9. The cat/kitten is guaranteed against hereditary health issues until its 2nd birthday & 3rd birthday against HCM. If found to have a heredity issue, all supporting diagnosis/ test must have the treating veterinarian scan and note the microchip # at each visit. This kitten/cat at the time of sale is free of any hereditary issues, unless otherwise disclosed.

10. If in the case a replacement kitten/cat is granted, CasaCruz has 1 year from the date of notification to produce a replacement.  If kitten/cat dies from suspected hereditary issue then a necropsy must be done by a licensed veterinarian with a written report provided to the breeder of the findings. Microchip must be scanned and noted.

11. At no point in time will CasaCruz be responsible for any of the vet expenses or other costs the purchaser may encounter. Each kitten goes home with new owner being fully responsible for care and health. Promising to always have kitten in best conditions. New owner is fully responsible for all financial costs that is required to take care of kitten. Once kitten leaves CasaCruz. No money will be refund for any reason. 

Buyer Name & Signature:____________________________________________________                                                                     Date: ______________


Phone Number:______________________________

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