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What do you breed?

We breed Bengals, Toygers and Border Collies.

How long have you been breeding?

We have been breed since 2019. We did our first show in 2018.

Do you sell breeding cats?

Yes, we do have special kittens that will be sold as breeders. We are very particular with the kittens that goes as breeders.

What is your cattery name?

Our Cattery name is CasaCruz Ranch. Cruz is our family last name and the Casa because it means "home" in Spanish.

At what age do kittens go home?

Kittens are altered at 12/13 weeks. They go home at 14 weeks of age.

What if I can no longer have or keep my kitten/cat? 

Our door will always be open to take back our kittens/cats. We can also help with rehoming it. Please reach out to us.

Will my kitten be a lap cat?

I would love nothing more then that. However, I cannot guarantee temperament. We are very dedicated to socializing our kittens from the moment they are born. They spend a lot of time with us daily. We believe that the more a kitten is handled with love and care the more tolerant they become. Some kittens are innately calmer and cuddlier than others. If you ask me about the temperament of my current kittens I am happy to describe them.

Why do you do so many cat shows?

We do lots of cat shows to make sure we are working towards our goal of bettering our breeding program.

My cat is an adult and is scratching my furniture can I declaw it?

Of course not. That is very horrible. Its like cutting off your finger tips. Please take your cat to a cat groomer to have its nails trimmed. Have cat trees that have scratch post so he/she can file its nails.

Do you like to receive updates of your fur babies.

Of course we do. We love to see them. If your on social media please tag us so we can share it.

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