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Getting ready for a kitten

Congratulations on your new kitten. Getting a new fur babies is always exciting and here at CasaCruz we want to make sure we prepare you in every way for the arrival of the new baby. I will mention the most important things in a list below. Most items can be purchased via Amazon. If you have any questions on any item please feel free to reach out to me. This is the basic care for your new kitten. If you have any questions please reach out to me and I am more then glad to answer any questions. Please be sure to read the litter I have on how to introduce your kitten to its new home. How to isolate him/her. 

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What do we feed?

Raw and Dry Kibble

Currently the kittens are on a raw diet that we prepare ourselves. If you like the information on how to make it we are happy to provide it. We also feed dry kibble. We use Nulo. (Pink and Black bag) It is an adult/kitten stage food. Our kittens are very happy with that. If you are not interested in feeding raw. Its ok. We understand it is not for everyone. We do ask that you do feed a high quality can food or freeze dry to ensure the kitten/ cat is receive proper nutrition.

What do we use for grooming?

Shampoo and combs

We use CHI for cats to give the kittens baths and if you see the kitten has a little extra hair we use a metal comb to brush our any extra hair. I like to run the comb threw 1 time every 2 weeks to make sure i get anything that is about to shed before it.

What we use for entertainment?

Cat wheel and Toys

We love the ZiggyDoo Cat wheel because it is safe and It will keep up with your kitten as it matures into adulthood and it will be a way for him/her to burn plenty of calories.

This is the direct link to the website. When you check out please be sure to use our code INVITATION-CASACRUZ.  This code ensures that you receive priority shipping when your order is received. The kitten will come with some new toys they are used to playing with here at home. Toys are important as they enjoy the stimulation they receive from playing with them. It is also important as they begin to make a bond with you. 

Why do we need a cat tree?

Cat Tree furniture

They love cat trees because they love to climb and play on it and most cat tree have scratch post on them and it keeps them from starching any furniture. It is important they have one so they can file their nails on it after they have been trimmed.

What kind of litter do we use?

Pine Pellets

Currently the kittens/ cats use Pine Pellets. We purchase them at Tractor Supply. We like to use them because they are easy to clean and also very affordable. They run you about $8 for 40 lbs. we like to change out the litter box 2 times a week. Keep it odor free and kittens happy. Dust is very minimal as well.

What do we use for trimming nails?

Shampoo and combs

Nail clippers; i love to use baby nail clippers because they are small and are able to clip the kittens nails very easy and fits perfect in your hand. Kittens nails should be trimmed every 7-10 days. I love to do it often because it keeps them in the habit of having nails trimmed and it avoids any scratches to you. Their nails can get very sharp so it is best to stay on top of this.

What we use for litter box

Plastic Tote

We love to keep the litter box issue very simple and affordable. I like to use storage plastic totes because it keeps any litter from getting on the floor. It is very easy to clean and will be easy for your kitten to grow into.

How do I activate my pet insurance?

Trupanion 30 days FREE

This is very important and has to be activated within 24 of the kitten arriving. Code will be provided once kitten leaves my care. You will receive 30 days of free pet insurance, this can be activated via online (scan the QR code) or the phone number on the flyer. If you have any questions please let us me know.

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