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Kitten Parties

Calling all Cat Lovers

When you want something different and didn't think it was possible for you event. When a petting zoo just won't do it for your event anymore, come check out our Kittens and cats! They are perfect for your next event. We have both Bengals and Toygers available. We bring out 5 adorable kittens and cats for everyone to enjoy. We provide toys for you to play with them. Don't want to play and just cuddle with them that's totally fine to. The Kittens can be set up indoors or outside, but please make sure there is shade. Our Kittens love to play with kids. When they get tired, be prepared for a kitten to curl up in your lap and take a nap.

Our Kittens are just for birthday parties! 

 We can do all sorts of events:

  • Coporate Events

  • Stress Party

  • Carnivals

  • Adult Birthday Party

  • Bachelorette parties

  • Bridal Shower

  • Quincenera XV

  • School Events and much much more....​

Our set ups is 6x6 please be sure we have enough space. For any special accommodations please let us know. 


$375 for the first hour
$120 for each 30 min after that

* Travel charges may apply for location or time of day. Call or email us for details.


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Kitten Fiesta: About
Kitten Fiesta: About
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