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Welcome to

CasaCruz Ranch

We Show and Breed high quality Bengals, Toygers and Border Collies.

CasaCruz is home of the the first Lifetime Achievement winner to a Toyger in History. 

#1 Toyger kitten & Cat in the world 2022 Top 25 cats International winner. 

Home of the Best Brown Bengal in the SouthWest region for 2019

Enjoy our Border Collies, Bengals and Toygers

Lifetime achievement Award
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🚨Here is our schedule for upcoming shows that we are attending. Please say Hi.
🚨If you are interested in a kitten we can bring it along a kitten with us.

🚨Pleasanton : April 27-28

🚨San Jose: June 22-23

🚨San Fransico: Sept-14-15

🚨 Los Angeles: Sept 28-29

🚨 Costa Mesa: November 16-17

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@ CasaCruzRanch

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CasaCruz Ranch

We are a small family owned ranch that truly loves animals. We have all types of animals but we specially love our puppies and kittens. We do yearly HCM on all of our cats and everyone is genetically tested and clear of any diseases. Our cattery and kennel are always in top condition cleaned and sanitized. We believe that the health and care of our fur babies is the most important thing. We take great pride in producing amazing off springs that families can enjoy by adding them as lifelong pets.



All of our kings are fully tested and in perfect conditions at all times. They each have individuals area where they can be comfortable and have play time.



All of our queens are kept in great health each have amazing personalities.  They all have tons of play time and of course a lot of love daily. All of our females are completely health tested and check by our vet.   


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Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

Please allow 24-48 hours to hear back from us. 

If you are inquiring about a kitten or puppy please be specific about which one you are interested in. 

If you are looking for a specific time frame that you want a kitten please be specific with the information you are providing. 

While you are waiting for us to reply please go ahead and fill out our application.

Thanks for submitting!

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